Two Major Reasons Why People Cheat

Those of us who have been cheated on in the past as we were dating may feel like we’ve been lied to in more ways than one. The painful truth, however, is that there are only two reasons why people cheat.

Two Major Reasons Why People Cheat | Anastasia Date

Two Objectives Why People Cheat On Their Partner

It may be hard to grasp but there are only two types of cheating that happens in every relationship. The types focus on the difference between how men and women cheat. It’s also centered towards explaining why people cheat in the first place:

“Can-Opener” Affairs

A can-opener affair happens when one partner cheats as a way of ending the relationship without facing the issues head-on. Experts say that this type is more common in women. It’s a way to get the man’s attention. Women know that men will feel like their ego was badly bruised when they found out about the incident. This makes forgiveness difficult for the man, and so, it is likely that the end result would be a breakup.

Filling In The Void

The second type of cheating is more common in men. An affair is a way for the man to fill a void that the relationship or marriage cannot fill. To put it plainly, the man may feel like he is not satisfied emotionally or in the bedroom which is why he turns to others to satisfy it. Why wouldn’t cheating men talk to their partner about it? Well, because they don’t want to risk the confrontation that would likely happen.

No matter how we look at it, there is one common factor between these types of cheating and that is fear. It’s the fear of confrontation or the fear of addressing the issue. Let’s face it, cheating is the easiest way out. Albeit dramatic, it’s still common for couples of today.


So what does this tell us? We need to be brave. When we feel like our current relationship isn’t satisfying our needs, we have to speak up. Dissatisfaction can be a difficult topic to talk about, but it’s the healthier approach to mending a broken love life afterward. For more tips for relationships, read the rest of our blog.