Place Your Bets On Finding Love Online, Apparently It’s Unparalleled

With all these talks about finding love online, can we actually prove that it’s a better way of dating? Is it really more effective than dating in real life? We won’t really know unless we come across a series of success stories online. But, even with these, we still have no way of proving if the stories are real.

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Research Proves That Finding Love Online Is Better

We may not have some way of proving that online dating is better than dating in real life, apart from all the success stories, but maybe the following research proves it:

1. Diverse Relationships

It wasn’t until around late last year that it was proven that online dating made relationships more diverse. Because it broke down the barrier of distance, people from different cultures and countries were able to meet in an online platform open to all. In one study that was recognized by the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, researchers found relationships originating from the internet to be more open to diversity in potential partners.

2. Fewer Breakups Or Lower Chances Of Divorce

Which situation would be more painful for you? Getting dumped online or getting dumped in real life? Definitely, most of you will say the latter. A study that was done by the faculty of the  University of Chicago’s Psychology Department found marriages of people who are from online relationships were less likely to end in separation or divorce compared to those in traditional marriages.

3. Better Matches

Whenever you look for online dating profiles on the site you’re on, you will likely find filters under the search function to help show the right results for you. This is one way that online dating sites find you a match. Another way is through special algorithms that help in suggesting a match.

This study proves that the way dating sites match their members can result in a better marriage.

These are actual studies done by different bodies of education. These aren’t merely success stories that may have, or may not have been made up. If you’re looking for a evidence to help you start your online dating journey, these studies should so it. For more updates on online dating, read more on our blog.