Why You Should Try Friendship Before an Online Relationship

Many of us always want to jump into a romantic online relationship as soon as that first flutter is felt deep in our stomach when we talk that special someone over the internet. It’s easy to do anyway; there’s probably one online relationship that starts every minute, so why not jump head first when you’ve met a person online who makes you feel special and loved?

Anastasia Date | Online Relationship Advice: It's Better to be Friends First

Why You Need to Build an Online Relationship through Friendship FIRST

There are a couple of reasons why jumping into a romantic online relationship too soon is a bad idea. First off, you have to be careful because you’re dating through the internet. Although the benefits online dating has given society are fantastic, you have to make an honest assessment whether a connection can last longer than a few weeks or not. This is where friendship comes in.

It’s a good idea to become online friends first, and lovers second because of the following.

You’ll get to know a person better.

When your aim is friendship first, you get the chance to talk to a person. And, because no romantic feelings are boiling up yet, you can be yourself without the fear of the other person not liking you. You’ll have unreserved conversations which will help deepen your connection.

You’ll see the person for who he or she is.

When you’ve fallen for a person, there’s that tendency of looking at his or her more positive traits. Compare that when your friends first – you see both the good and the bad, but you accept the person nonetheless.

You’re building a relationship that’s based on compatibility.

Why are you friends with your buddies? It’s likely that you’ll answer something along the lines of: “we’re like the same person” or “we have a lot of things in common”. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together, and this is what you’re getting when you put friendship first rather than on online relationship.

The Bottom Line

There’s a different kind of mutual respect and admiration when you’re friends first; you are more loyal to each other, and the connection is deeper.  There are fewer or no pretensions, too. When you build an online relationship with a lady with this kind of base, don’t you think that it’ll last longer?

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