European Women Hate It When You Lie About This

Is lying a natural part of life? It sure seems like it, sometimes. But the good thing is, lying is unnecessary, most of the time. With dating European women online, however, the temptation to “decorate” your profile is so great and seemingly harmless that a huge percentage of men do it.

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Never Lie About This To European Women

Before you get any thoughts, though, you have to understand that European women hate it when you lie about the following things on your online dating profile:

Height & Weight

When you lie about your height and weight, European woman will think that you are insecure about how you look. This lie is a deal breaker because women from Europe are used to confident men who are mostly sure of themselves. If you’re self-conscious about how you look, don’t be. You’ll be surprised at how accepting women from Europe can be.

Job or Career

A lot of men lie about their job or career to impress a woman – any woman. Well, this is a bad idea from the get-go because you’re not really putting your best asset forward. Yes, your job or career is not your best asset. Your character is. Besides, making up a job that sounds like it pays well makes European women think that you’re buying into the stereotype of EU women being gold-diggers.

Worldly Knowledge

Worldly knowledge is basically your knowledge about all the fine things that life can offer – traveling, food, different cultures, and so on. Why not lie about this when Google’s around, right? It may be easy for now, but what if your practical knowledge is put to the test? Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

Relationship Status

European women – like all the rest of the women in the world – hate being cheated on. There’s no excuse. Don’t go online dating while you’re still in a relationship, and that’s non-negotiable.


Last, but not the least is your intention. A lot of women from Europe date online in search of a serious relationship. They, of course, understand that not all online daters want the same thing as they do. But, if you don’t want one, why lie about it?

Again, never lie about any of this when dating European women online. It doesn’t mean that you should lie about anything else too. Honesty is still the best, and it makes for a great foundation in any relationship, don’t you think? For more dating tips, don’t hesitate to check out more of posts on our blog.