Anastasia Date Reveals: Is Your Relationship Unhealthy?

At Anastasia date, it is important for you to make connections with the lovely ladies on the dating site. More importantly, however, the aim is for those connections to be healthy. That’s why Anastasia date came up with this list today.

Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date Reveals Signs That Tell You Your Relationship is Healthy

First off, you should know that Anastasia Date takes pride in double checking each profile before the safety team approves them on the site. This is the reason why a lot of Anastasia Date users are pleased with the experience they have on the dating site. There are some users, however, that have a less than desirable experience because they made unhealthy connections with the women on the site. Here’s how you can tell if your connection to a Russian woman is healthy or not:

1. Do not tell anyone.

If a Russian woman says that you have to keep your connection a secret, you have to ask why. You have to admit that there’s something fishy about that. Remember that online dating is not a taboo in European countries so why would a Russian lady keep your connection on the down-low?

2. She always makes you feel special.

You may think that feeling special is something that comes naturally when online dating. It is but you shouldn’t feel special all the time. You should leave room for discussion, interesting conversation, or maybe a light debate. Feeling special all of the time seems like your head is being blown up on purpose, don’t you think? Your connection has to be deeper than just compliments and mushy, lovey-dovey words.

3. You don’t recognize limits.

So what do limits have to do with unhealthy relationships or connections? Knowing your limits means that you can think straight. If you cannot identify the type of acts or gestures that are “overboard,” you are highly likely that you are emotionally unstable. It is not good if you’re unstable because you’re vulnerable.

What To Do With Unhealthy Connections

What you need to do with unhealthy connections is to cut them off from your life. If you’re feeling vulnerable, it is better if you can skip making connections online to keep yourself safe. Anastasia Date is looking out for your safety too, not just your heart. For more safety tips when online dating, don’t hesitate to check out the rest of the blog.