We Don’t Really Want To Meet People Who Are Our Ideal Type

Before you can start online dating, you have to go through the somewhat tedious task of answering questions about yourself, your interests and your hobbies. Some questions can be fun to answer, but some can be like figuring out how to get out of a maze – it needs a bit of time and brainpower. Nonetheless, we must complete everything, including describing our ideal type, to be successful at online dating.

We Dont Really Want To Meet People Who Are Our Ideal Type | AnastasiaDate
Do you want to know why we do not to meet our ideal type?

Why Looking For Our Ideal Type Is No Good

Yep, we’ve probably all been to a point where we just want to start online dating on a particular website already, but it’s not letting us because we have not completed our profile yet. Well, we may not need to because new research says there is no solid connection between the people we message and the ideal type we set as expected to meet on our online dating profiles.

The Study By Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

The study involved analyzing the interaction of 41,936 members of an online dating site. The researchers compared messages to preferences set on people’s online dating profiles. The results were interesting:

  • 1/3 of the first messages sent were to people who did not match any of the criteria set by the senders. That’s 65% of the messages sent to online daters who matched only one or none of the criteria.
  • Approximately less than 1% of the messages were sent to online daters who had the exact criteria the sender of the message was looking for.
  • Women were more keen on sticking to their list of criteria than men, except men above 60 years old.
  • People with social personalities were more likely to stick to their list despite many thinking otherwise.

So Is Your Online Dating Profile Still Worth Filling Out?

With these results, you may think that there’s no point in completing your online dating profile because we’re likely to divert from our ideal type anyway. That’s true, but this may be happening because online dating has given us so many options that the way we select our dates has become more complex. Of course, everyone wants to meet their ideal type, but, sometimes, people welcome change because it is different, adventurous and exciting.

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