How to Compose Your First Online Dating Message

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Even though there are plenty of blogs about online dating on the internet, there’s no step-by-step guide on how you can online date successfully. Most lessons come with mistakes and experience. But AnastasiaDate is here to help you. The most basic of tasks can seem daunting for those who do not have experience backing them up. Completing a profile, approaching ladies and composing that first online dating message can take hours.

What You Must Include In Your First Online Dating Message

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. One of the most basic online dating lessons you will ever learn is how to compose a message that gets favorable replies from beautiful European ladies. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started on writing that first message:

1. Read a woman’s profile.

Thoroughly reading a lady’s profile is the first step because you’ll be getting ideas on how you can compose your message from the profile itself. You cannot cheat on this step. Read the lady’s profile thoroughly. Take note of what she’s interested in and what she doesn’t like.

2. Review your notes and then compose.

First off, don’t just say hi because it’s very generic. Review your notes and add some more items to a plain hey or hello. Here are some tips that can guide you in how to compose your message:
•    Focus on the things you have in common.
•    Mention what you found interesting about her profile.
•    Mention what she might find interesting in you.
For example, if she said that she wants someone who has traveled the globe, you can enumerate the different places you’ve traveled to.

3. Keep it short but open-ended.

Remember that you’re aiming for a response so go for open-ended questions. You also have to keep it short because this is a message and not a novel after all.

Follow the Steps but Make it Your Own

On top of the three tips, the best way to get a response is to inject a bit of your personality into the message. Show the European lady you’re interested in what your character’s like and you’ll be good to go.
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