How To Recognize When Your Date Is Lying

Whether you’ve met someone at a party, through friends or online, dates are all about learning more about each other. However, it is a sad truth that people do lie sometimes. It’s much better to find out if they are sooner rather than later. How can you tell when your date is lying, though?

How can you tell if your date is lying? Check out for these signs.
How to recognize if your date is lying.

Simple Ways To Tell If Your Date Is Lying

Even though our instinct is usually right when we’re romantically interested in someone our gut feeling just seems to go out the window. This is why these practical ways to reveal whether our date is fibbing or not come in so handy.

Revealing Body Language                                                                               

Once again, non-verbal communication can be very revealing. It has been found that people have a certain way of carrying themselves when they aren’t telling the truth. If she touches her face a lot – especially her nose or ears, she purses her lips, avoids eye contact, shrugs her shoulders, folds her arms, keeps her legs turned away from you or just fidgets too much, it might mean she is hiding something from you.

Verbal Signs Of A Lying Date

A good idea to uncover a liar is to ask them close-ended questions, i.e. questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. The fact they can’t wiggle their way out of answering them directly puts liars in a very difficult position. If your date is too vague or avoids answering such questions, be wary.

Another thing to look out for is their use of verbal fillers, such as “you know”, “like”, “erm”, “I mean” or “so”. Even though some use of them is natural, if you find your date overusing verbal fillers it might be a sign she is stalling giving a direct answer. When we lie, we need to make up a story, so we need more time to provide answers.

Last but not least, if you are unsure about your date’s honesty, a technique to use is to abruptly change the subject, and watch their reaction. A liar will be absolutely relieved and grateful for the change of subject, while a person telling the truth will be totally confused as to why you left the previous topic of conversation.

Save Yourself The Time And Pain

It’s never pleasant to find out your date is lying to you, but it is far better to know the truth before you really start investing your feelings in them, so if you spot any of the above-mentioned signs, don’t ignore it. Investigate a little more and if you find your date to be lying, save yourself your time and hurt.

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