Crazy Dating Phrases Finally Explained

How long have you been online dating? If you’ve been on a site like Anastasia Date for some time, you may have already encountered terms that you don’t quite understand the meaning. This post about crazy dating phrases is what you should be reading if this is the case.

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It’s Time You Update Your Dating Lingo And Figure Out Those Crazy Dating Phrases

Online daters who are more advanced in years may be having trouble understanding today’s online dating lingo. Not to worry because Anastasia Date came up with this list to get you up to speed with common terms and expressions used to define the online relationships of today:


Bae is a three-letter word that’s short for someone you are fond of, most likely a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It’s used as a noun and can be synonymous with a sweetheart, honey or other terms of endearment. For example:

  • “Hi Bae, you look lovely today.”
  • “My Bae is so sweet!”
  • “You’re the best, Bae.”


Benching someone in online dating is like benching someone in a basketball game. An online dater sends messages to another person sporadically, making plans that he or she cannot keep. So, it’s like having a potential date on your “roster” but not actually dating the person.


You could be familiar with this term because it has something to do with online dating safety. Catfishing happens when a person makes a fake online dating profile to scam another person on the internet.


DTR is short for “Define The Relationship.” This term is used when an online dater wants to define the relationship and, most of the time, confirm the other person’s commitment.


Are you familiar with how ghosts are there one minute and then gone the next? Well, this is what ghosting is in online dating. The person you’re talking to online all of a sudden disappears into thin air.


Layby is an online dating expression used to describe a situation where one person is not happy with his or her current relationship. What this person does is flirt with someone else so that there’s a backup date in case the current relationship fails.

Have you encountered online dating terms or expressions that are not on this list? Leave them in comments below, and we’ll add them on! For more online dating tips, do check out more of our blog posts.