Women Agree That This Is A Perfect Body Type For A Guy

Have you ever seen those guys on Instagram? You know the guys we’re talking about – they have the perfect hair, the perfect body type and the perfect sense of style. Where in the world did these Adonis’ come from? They probably get all the girls with their macho physique, is what you’re thinking every time you pass by their pictures. It’s most likely that they do get a lot of girls, but do you want to know what’s surprising? A majority of the women don’t really see a muscular body as the perfect body type.

Women Agree That This Is A Perfect Body Type For A Guy | Anastasia Date

What Is The Male Perfect Body Type For Women?

It’s surprising to know that a lot of women aren’t into the muscular body type, but it’s true. A new study by a men’s British clothing company discovered that 72% of U.K. ladies would prefer the “boy next door” type with the average physique rather than the “luscious hulks.”

Is this really true? Look around you. How many ladies do you know are with guys that look like the ones on Instagram – ripped, with the perfect hair and maybe a little bit of facial hair action going on? To make it easier for you, focus on your female friends and see how many Instagram guys they’re with.

So, What Does This Study Say About The Perfect Body Type For Guys?

Females have different preferences. Some like the Ryan Gosling types, but there are those who would rather date the Chris Pratt or Seth Rogen types. In fact, there’s a good number of women who would love to date guys that look average. There’s a very important lesson to be learned about the perfect body type. This is for all the men who are reading this now: if you have a beer belly, or you feel like your body type is not ideal, don’t let it bother you.

What you think is totally different from what women think, remember that. Although you may not look like one of those guys on Instagram, there are plenty of ladies who would love to date you because you are real and not a fantasy or not an image.

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