Should You Stop Being A Gentleman? Here’s What Women Want

What does it mean to be chivalrous today? One thing is for sure, in our modern era there are some acts of chivalry that might even be considered outdated. According to one survey being a gentleman is a different story these days to what it once was.

Being a gentleman means different things nowadays.

What Does Being A Gentleman Mean Today?

The survey that was carried out on a sample of 500 single women in the UK offered some interesting insight into the things ladies consider as being chivalrous today.

The number one modern act of chivalry according to women today seems to be calling their lady when they are supposed to, according to an impressive 84% of them, followed closely by their checking they have got home safely after a date (83%). Reliability is key for modern ladies too, as they are very appreciative of a guy who does not cancel at the last minute (82%).

Women also appreciate a guy’s undivided attention, as they seem to love it when their partner texts them (80%), and when he turns off his phone during a date (78%).

Moreover, ladies like it when their partner is willing to meet their family and circle of friends (77%) , offers to let her use his phone if her battery is dead (76%), and picks her up for a date (73%).  A little lower, we find women’s desire for their guy to know little details about them, like how they take their tea/ coffee (72%) and after-midnight calls that are not booty calls (69%).

The Acts Of Chivalry Seen As Outdated

With 65% of women complaining about being ghosted, breadcrumbed, or benched by a partner, it’s no wonder that a whopping 73% of single British ladies express their fears that chivalry is, indeed, dead. They also consider some of the most traditional acts of chivalry outmoded.

39% of them consider a man helping a woman put on her coat to be too old-fashioned, and they hardly expect a guy to pull out a chair for them (38%) or let a lady order first in a restaurant (45%).

Dating expert, Vicky Pavitt said: “What the research shows is that women are starting to lose faith in modern dating. From breadcrumbing to benching, it can be easy to feel disenchanted, but there are still plenty of single men who wouldn’t dream of ghosting a date and are simply looking for the right person.”

When so many people accuse modern dating as being a minefield, it is easy to give up and overgeneralize, thinking that being a gentleman is a thing of the past. However, if one keeps the faith and looks more carefully, they will find it is worth the effort.