Attachment Theory Says Everything About The Way You Love

An attachment style is how a person relates to his or her partner or even their friends and family. In the attachment theory, there are two styles: an insecure and a secure attachment style. If you find somebody who is secure, then he or she is certainly a keeper for life.

Attachment Theory Says Everything About The Way You Love | Anastasia Date

Attachment Theory Will Explain What Kind Of A Partner Are You

When you find a date, you must check his or her attachment style if you want to find a serious commitment. This is because having a secure attachment style can be very beneficial to long-term relationships based on the attachment theory. And, here’s how:


We have often heard about the saying, “Respond, not react.” The same is true with every situation in a relationship. Depending on your attachment style, you will tend to have different reactions to situations.

When people react, however, it is mostly from raw emotions. And, in difficult circumstances, these reactions may have damaging effects. A person with a secure attachment style, however, takes a breather first and thinks of possible solutions to the problem. That way, his or her responses are usually motivated by wisdom rather than emotions.


Most people with a secure attachment style are dependable. They do not need frivolous stuff to feel secure because they know who they are. They have a high self-esteem. Because of that, they do not need to fill themselves up with material things or extra-marital relationships. They are already fulfilled so they are secure. You can depend on them for mental and emotional support when down times come too. You can also expect them to lift up the relationship if their partner is experiencing a personal turmoil.


Since these people are secure and dependable, they are also nurturing. They will not sit back and just be apathetic as their relationship dwindling. They are pro-active in cultivating a healthy relationship with their partner. More often than not, these people are great mates for life because the relationship is always growing, fresh, and alive.

In this imperfect world, we cannot really say that there are people who are perfectly secure. But, when you spot someone with a secure attachment style, build up that relationship because for sure, you have found one who will stick with you for the rest of your lives. For more tips, do check out other posts on the blog.