Secret To Happiness: One Tiny Word That Proves You’ve Found The One

From ancient philosophers to modern-day TV stars, everyone’s trying to discover the way to happiness, using complex words and frequently confusing concepts. Can it be we are over-analyzing this, though? Can the secret to happiness be enclosed in one small word?

We look for the secret to happiness in complicated theories, but could we be misguided?
Can the secret to happiness be hidden in one small word?

The Four Letters That Carry The Secret To Happiness

Have we, in our search for happiness and a perfect relationship lost the real meaning of what it is to really enjoy being with someone by over-complicating things? It seems possible.

In reality, if you think about it, at the core of any relationship at any stage there’s one adjective that guarantees success and true happiness: easy.

Does It Sound Overly Simplistic? Think About It

When is a date fun? When you don’t need to worry about keeping up appearances, when you are comfortable in your own skin around her, when the conversation is flowing and you don’t need to overthink things; when it’s easy being around her.

When is a relationship happy? Is it not when you don’t need to push yourself to do things you don’t really want to do? Is it not when you can just hang out with your partner and be who you are? Is it not when there’s no need to doubt each other’s feelings or intentions? In other words, you are in a happy relationship when it feels natural and easy.

And then, marriage. When do you call one successful? When there’s not too much stress about communicating your desires and needs. When you have common goals and dreams. When you both know you’ll be there for each other and don’t feel the need to keep secrets or to pretend. Again, when being together is easy.

Of course, that’s not to say life will be easy. Strong relationships take effort and hard times will also come for everyone. Life is full of surprises of all sorts, good and bad ones, and unexpected circumstances will try your relationship. It is not plain sailing, but simply knowing you have your partner by your side will be enough to help you get over everything and move on as one, certain of each other’s feelings and good intentions. Isn’t this the secret to happiness?