How To Deal With A Date Saying “I Love You” Too Soon

If you’ve been online dating for some time now, you surely know about that theory that if your online date, says “I love you” too soon, he or she might be a scammer. But, this isn’t necessarily true in real life. You’ll be surprised at how often you’ll have to deal with a date saying ‘I love you’ too soon. This kind of situation always catches us off-guard. Can we prepare ourselves for this? How do we handle this without offending the other person or without making the situation more awkward than it already is?

How To Deal With A Date Saying 'I Love You' Too Soon | Anastasia Date
What do you say when she says ‘I love you’ too soon?

Deal With A Date Saying ‘I Love You’ Too Early In The Following Ways

Yes, there are a few ways to prepare yourself for this situation. We have to be ready for those curve balls because if we aren’t prepared, we could do or say the wrong things that’ll make the other person feel that we’ve hurt them or we do not share the same feelings. Well, we may or may not, but the point is, we don’t want to risk a budding relationship because we were not prepared to handle a particular situation, such as this.

Acknowledge It

Really? Relationship psychologist Karin Anderson, PhD, thinks that it is a good idea. It’s definitely better than pretending you haven’t heard it. Anderson says that you can phrase your reaction this way: “I am excited about the relationship too. I can’t wait to see what our future’s going to be like.” These statements don’t directly say “I love you” back, but they will reassure whoever you’re dating that you are in the relationship.

Do Not Lie

Having an honest conversation is better than starting the potential relationship off with a lie. If you say “I love you” back and you don’t mean it, you could regret it when the relationship ends early. It’s simple: lying is a bad idea (period).

Express Yourself In A Different Way

Your date saying “I love you” means that he or she has already fallen for you. You might feel the same way, but it’s possible that you’re not ready to say the three little words yet. It doesn’t mean that you’re not feeling the same way to some degree, but it simply means that you’re moving at a different pace. So instead of forcing yourself to say the three words back, express yourself in a different way – cook your date dinner, call your date often and the like.

Now that you know what to do in a delicate situation like this make sure that you practice empathy while you explain yourself to the one you’re dating. Share these tips with someone who might need it soon. For more dating tips, you’re welcome to check out other posts from our blog. Don’ forget to visit AnastasiaDate if you want to start online dating.