You Can Only Find Relationship Bliss If You Do This

Everyone has different ideas and opinions about what constitutes a perfect, happy relationship and how we should act if we want to find ourselves in one. However, the truth is that there is only one way to find relationship bliss, and that’s by being your true self.

Relationship bliss is not an unreachable target if you are your true self.
We’re all looking for relationship bliss, but how can we find it?

Why Do We Find It So Hard To Achieve Relationship Bliss?

The most serious reason why we find it so hard to establish an ideal relationship is that we believe that there is some magic formula that applies to all and that if we follow this formula we will be happy too.

In reality, there is no greater fallacy than to believe in a one-size-fits-all personality you need to wear like a costume in order to be attractive and loved by your object of desire. In actual fact, there is really one thing you can ever be successfully: yourself.

Most people tend to live their lives by other people’s standards, trying to please their parents by choosing a partner who is to their liking, acting a certain way in order to be liked by their peers and trying to maintain some kind of social status that they think will make them more likable. In the process, they forget about the most important factor for their happiness: their own wants.

The Most Significant Life Lesson

As we grow older and wiser, there is one significant lesson we learn, though; perhaps the most significant of all: we can’t be liked by everyone. The moment we come to terms with this fact, this is when we start living the life we desire and become involved in the kind of relationships we deserve.

Once we are brave enough to say “no” to the standards set by others and start saying “yes” to the things that make us happy without worrying too much about what others might say, we feel liberated, content and free to enjoy life the way we want it to be.

If you are single or feel trapped in an unhappy relationship, perhaps it is time to reconsider your life choices (your choice of partner among them) and the reasons why you made them. Unless you have chosen to be with someone who makes you feel free to express yourself and be authentic, someone who encourages you to make your dreams come true and go after your desires, you will never be able to learn what relationship bliss really is. And this is something everyone should experience.