Critical Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Girlfriend

Every day, people all over the world form relationships and every day relationships fail. The prospect of going into a relationship with the girl you’ve got your heart set on may fill you with excitement, but deep inside there is also some apprehension because you want to be sure she is the right one for you. Because choosing a girlfriend is such a complex thing, we are here to help.

Ask yourself these questions when choosing a girlfriend.
Look for positive answers to these questions when choosing a girlfriend.

Ask Yourself These Questions When Choosing A Girlfriend

There is so much emotional investment involved in our relationships that it is only wise to choose your girlfriend carefully. Answer these questions and decide if the girl you have chosen is right for you.

Do I really like her? Might seem too straightforward, but we tend to confuse liking someone with needing to be with someone. Especially after a long spell of loneliness, the need to be in a relationship might be the driving force behind such a decision. Do you genuinely like her, inside and out?

Am I myself around her? The second question to ask yourself is also very serious because, above all else, we need to be free in our relationships. Free to be as goofy, sentimental, adventurous or weak as we feel each time. If you are too afraid to express your feelings and desires, you will end up unhappy in your relationship and seeking to be who you really are outside of it.

Does she bring out the best in me? As a rule, the people we form relationships with should be able to bring out our best traits. So, yes, you should be allowed to be yourself around her, but she should also inspire you to be a better version of you. This is the only way relationships can be constructive and move forward.

Does she want the same things out of the relationship as me? People seek different things at different stages in their lives. It is important that you are both at the same stage in yours. You don’t necessarily have to be ready to make a family, for example, but if one of you is ready and the other isn’t, that’s a problem you won’t be able to overcome try as you might.

Can I put up with her negative traits? The last question to ask yourself is also of utmost importance. You may love her at her best, but you should also be able to bear her at her worst. If her worst traits are things you just can’t stand, maybe you need to reconsider. Time tends to wear our tolerance, so if you already detest something she does, you might end up hating her for it down the line.

People are not perfect and we should not look for perfection either. If, however, when choosing a girlfriend your reply to most of these questions is “yes”, you may just have found your ideal girlfriend that you should hold on to.

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