Flirty Questions To Ask Your Date For Instant Chemistry

Who doesn’t like a good flirt with someone who tickles their fancy? Some are more adept at it than others, but whatever your current abilities, these questions will definitely up your game and bring instant chemistry between you and your girl.

Spice up your conversationa dn create instant chemistry with these questions.
Create instant chemistry between you by asking her these flirty questions.

Create Instant Chemistry On Your Date

Whether you are out face-to-face or dating online, you can spice up your conversation by asking the following questions. Remember to see flirting as a fun game and play along with her mood, feeding off her answers – don’t ask the questions like you have a list prepared (she doesn’t need to know that), but rather follow her replies and ask each question when the timing is right.

– What did you think when you first saw me?

Ask her this warm-up question to get across that you care about her opinion of you enough to openly ask her. Because it is so forward, it will catch her off-guard and intrigue her. Her answer will also allow you to assess the situation between you too.

– If you could kiss a famous person, who would it be?

This is a good way to get her imagination going and the conversation rolling. If she likes you, she will most probably describe someone like you. If she doesn’t, you can laugh about it and make some witty remark about how different you are to that. She will again take the message about you liking her and you will be able to gauge her reactions, getting the green light to continue flirting.

– How do you feel about PDAs?

A more personal question is a good follow-up to the kissing a famous person one. This should heat up the conversation even more and get her more in the mood to talk about her preferences and limits.

– What turns you off?

She will have gotten the message loud and clear by now, so expect a lot out of this question. When you ask her what turns her off, you are also implying you want the answer to the opposite. This should get your flirting ball rolling for good.

Flirting can be awkward or it can be a form of art. It primarily requires for you to be in the mood to engage in it and to be inspired by your date – once you have these two ingredients and you put our questions in the mix, expect to have a very fun and interesting date.

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