What You Need To Know About Playing Hard To Get

We’ve all been guilty of playing hard to get from time to time. Everyone says that we should do it, at some point, when dating someone, because we all enjoy the “thrill of the chase” and ladies, of course, love to be chased. But, what do we really know about playing hard to get?

What You Need To Know About Playing Hard To Get | AnastasiaDate
Is she playing hard to get?

The Essentials Of Playing Hard To Get When Dating

Let’s be more specific about the different aspects of this dating tactic. Why do people play hard to get? How do people do it and should you apply this tactic to your current relationship? We will answer these questions one by one:


So why do people play hard to get? The reason could be different with genders, but researchers say that it all boils down to increasing your perceived demand and value as a partner. Another reason why this dating tactic is being applied is that those who are dating want to test the interest and commitment of the person they are with.


Knowing how people play hard to get could help us spot a potential partner who is doing so to get our attention. And, knowing how will also help us when it is our turn to play the same game. So, people who play hard to get show the following behaviors:

  • Acting confidently
  • Not expressing many emotions.
  • Talking to people other than the intended mate
  • Acting sarcastic but friendly
  • Acting busy and staying busy
  • Prioritizing other things
  • Flirting then stopping
  • Acting not attracted and not interested
  • Taking a long time to reply to texts, calls or email

Should You?

The last question that we’re going to answer is if it’s a good idea for you to play hard to get. Will it be helpful in your current or future relationship? Yes and no.

No, it won’t be helpful when you do not know how to balance everything out. If you do too much, your date’s going to think that you’re rejecting him or her. On the other hand, it will help when you factor in all the different elements: timing, balance and skill.

When you can pull that off, playing hard to get will definitely be very effective. Your date’s going to desire you more, spend time with you more, and maybe even make it official. For more dating and relationship tips, make sure to check out other posts on our blog.