What if Profiles on Online Date Sites Were Honest?

Come on, we all tell little lies here and there. Be honest, we promise not to tell. Like the one about the time you came home last night or if our friend looks good in that dress or shirt they’re wearing. They seem harmless. Also, we are certainly not always at our best; sometimes we are cranky, sometimes we cry,  sometimes we don’t bother to wash our hair. And as we tell and live those little lies in real life, we do it as often, if not more, on the internet. A perfect place to present ourselves in perfect light.

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Little Lies we Like Telling on Online Date Sites

Huffington Post has the 411 on the top white lies we like to tell on online date sites. It’s different for men and women. Men like to lie about their job, height, weight, physique and the amount of money they earn. As for women, it’s their weight, age, height, and money. And just for the fun of it, imagine if these top five lies were turned into truths. Let’s see what those profiles on online date sites would look like:

An Honest Online Dating Profile for Women

• Name: Angela
• Age: 41 and a half
• Weight: 140.7 lbs
• Physique: Plump
• Description: I am looking for something to do so I tried online dating out of boredom. I don’t really like to go outside that much as my face is glued to the screen of my laptop. I don’t work right now, but I’m still looking for something. I am average-looking, but I’ll look better once I put on foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick.

An Honest Online Dating Profile for Men

• Name: Bob
• Age: 37
• Weight: 160lbs
• Physique: Average
• Description: Hi my name is Bob, nice to meet you! I work at the drive-through of a fast food joint. I’m shorter than most guys I know; I hope you don’t mind. I’m really a great guy once you get to know me. I like to Netflix and chill a lot, eat nachos for breakfast, and play online games whenever I can.

The truth is not looking very attractive right about now, and that’s probably why we lie in the first place. We don’t really want to focus on our imperfections when we are on online date sites. But always remember to avoid weaving an intricate web of lies because these will definitely catch up on you in the long run. Do you need more dating tips? You’ll find more on our blog so make sure to visit it daily.