Anastasia Dates: One Phrase That Makes A Relationship Last

What is the one phrase you can frequently tell your partner to make your relationship last? Don’t think about it too long. Just say whatever it is that enters your mind first. Your answer would probably be “I love you” because it is the phrase that tells our partner how much we care for him or her. But, that’s not the key phrase that makes a relationship last longer and stronger according to the University Of Georgia.

Anastasia Dates | One Phrase That Makes A Relationship Last
A couple remains strong in their relationship with words of gratitude.

Anastasia Dates: Research Says Gratitude Phrases Work Best

The University of Georgia did research that was published in the journal Personal Relationships. The study involved telephone surveys, asking 468 married individuals questions about their finances, communication within the relationship and how they express their gratitude towards their significant other. The results were eye-opening.

The Results Of The Research

Based on the data that the University of Georgia gathered, a simple “thank you” will go a long way with the happiness of the relationship. The more that gratitude is shown within the relationship, the better the status of the relationship is. This is the typical pattern that the researchers found. Because the researchers also asked about the financial situation of the couple, they also concluded that even if the couple is experiencing financial trouble, expressing gratitude produces a more positive outcome in the relationship.

Rocky Relationships Need The Two Magic Words

It’s hard to imagine that saying thank you is the key to making even the rockiest relationship work. But, the data doesn’t lie. Any negative situation the couple is experiencing can be buffered with words or expressions of gratitude. Come to think about it, when you are in an argument, it’s hard to say thank you even to the person you love. But, it must be done for the relationship to emerge stronger.

Lesson To Remember

Rough patches are not irregular when you in a relationship, but when that happens, you know what to focus on to turn things around. That’s why it is necessary for you to practice saying positive things to yourself and if you’re in a relationship, your partner as early as now.

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