Why Taking A Break Could Save Your Relationship

In the taxing times we are living in, when we are constantly overworked and busy, maintaining a healthy and happy relationship can often prove to be a hard task. It’s no wonder that at times you might feel the need for a little bit of space. And it may even be the one thing you need to do to save your relationship.

A break maybe what you need to do to save your relationship.
Sometimes a break is what it takes to save your relationship.

Taking a Break Is Not Breaking Up

People are very frequently afraid to ask for a break out of fear that they will be misunderstood. Contrary to what some may think, asking for a break is not another way of asking to end a relationship. It is exactly what it says: a little time for yourself. Read how taking a break can actually be just what your relationship needs.

  1. If you are tired of the predictability of each and every day, you may find some variety can do miracles for your psyche. See how you feel about her not being there when you return home, for example, or see what going about your everyday business differently is like. A little time apart may be a welcome change, or you might miss your routine with her terribly.
  1. Absence can really make the heart grow fonder. In the beginning of a relationship we find all our partner’s habits to be cute. Surprisingly, over time we might actually find the exact same things to be insufferable. When you take a break, you step away from what you’ve been used to. If you’ve been finding her 1-hour baths annoying lately, some time away from them might actually make you see things differently. This change of scenery will allow you to miss her and it says a lot about what you actually feel for her. Are those 1-hour baths really so horrible, or do you weirdly find yourself missing them now you can’t smell her shampoo?
  1. If you don’t like the fact you’re doing everything together, a little break can be a great opportunity to experience your life as a single person (within reasonable limits). Arrange a drink at the bar with your friends and see how you enjoy your independence. If you feel you have really missed that, you can ask for some changes regarding man-time when you’re back together. You may be surprised to find out you actually think about doing things and going places with her even when you are with your mates, though. Also, remember that she too will be experiencing life as a singleton. If you can’t stand the idea, maybe it’s time to get back together.

Time and distance have long been known to rekindle love and intensify the desire for one another. In this sense, your little break can save your relationship by making you appreciate each other more and realizing how the compromises you make in the relationship are worth it. On the other hand, though, if during this break you realize that you don’t genuinely miss her, it might be a clear sign that your relationship is not worth continuing. Either way, finding your truth is never a bad thing, so if you feel a break is what you need, go for it.

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