Daring Things To Do On A Date If You Are The Adventurous Type

Are you bored of dinner dates? Are you tired of downing drinks in a place where you can hardly hear each other? If you and your date are feeling adventurous, there are some fun and daring things to do on a date.

A daring thing to do on a date could be a surprise road trip.

Ideas For Daring Things You Can Do On A Date

If you feel like trying new things on your next date, here are some ideas that might make the experience a lot more memorable and fun than a traditional dinner date.

Taking a new class together

Being adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean risking life and limb. Trying new things like baking, painting or pottery, for example, can be great fun. Especially if both of you are novices, the experience will surely be unique as you dip your creative toes in something completely new.


Whether you’re a regular on the ice rink or someone who’s never put on ice skates before, hitting the ice rink is always an adventure. Teach your date how to skate or let her teach you – or maybe learn together. Whatever your ice-skating skills are, an ice-skating date is always fun and the right amount of dangerous.

A road trip

If you have a special place you enjoy visiting that’s a little bit of a drive, do not hesitate to take your date there. If there is a spot from which you get to see the most beautiful sunset, put a bottle of wine and two glasses in a bag and pick her up in your car. Don’t tell her where you are going, just that it will be worth it. Put some music on and enjoy the ride.

Extreme Sports

For the adrenaline junkies out there, nothing screams “fun” as much as bungee jumping, white-water rafting, paragliding or a little bit of rock climbing. Make sure your lady is also up for it, and feel your adrenaline levels rise as you experience an unforgettable date together. The higher the danger levels, the greater the impression you will make and the bigger the bond you’ll end up forming.

There are so many unique and amazingly daring things to do on a date. This list is just to give you an idea – it is up to you and your date to choose something that suits your interests and tastes. Whatever you choose to do, being adventurous takes away the awkwardness of first dates, or it spices up your dating life if you’ve been on some dates already, so it’s well worth it.

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