Stop Creeping Women Out By Doing These Actions

It’s normal for men to feel a bit conscious when talking to beautiful ladies online. Because of this feeling, it’s possible for men to act all awkward and unnatural. Men could be blabbing about a certain topic that women find boring or they could be delivering one inappropriate joke after the other without even realizing that their date is bored or fed up. You’re actually creeping women out without realizing it.

Stop Creeping Women Out By Doing These Actions | Anastasia Date

Creeping Women Out Can Be As Simple As Telling Corny Jokes

There are a lot of things that men do to impress women. Of course, the ones born with a natural sense of confidence can pull off the impressing without any problem. But, if you have been out of the dating game for some time, or if you have never dated before, you might be acting differently. You can be sure that it is not confidence. Try to avoid the following actions:

1. Not Talking “No” For An Answer

Let’s say that you have met someone interesting online. You talk for a while, but your online date suddenly says that she has to go because of work. On your end, you say, “Maybe you can stay longer. Come on, we can talk some more. You can always work tomorrow.” This is extremely annoying to a woman, especially if you cannot take a hint every time she shuts you down.

2. Being Too Forward

Coming on too strong is never a good idea. This usually happens when men go online dating. They see a lovely lady, and they end up messaging that lady more times than necessary. Some men even go the lengths of sending photos or inappropriate messages, like, “Wow, you’re hot!” You are bound to get blocked.

3. Abusing Authority

Let’s say that you have already talked to a woman online. You get into a conversation and then you suddenly tell her a story about you talking down to a waiter because he spilled water all over the table. No! This is not the story you should be telling, nor should you be acting all arrogant.

For you to naturally carry a conversation with confidence, it’s a must for you to practice. If you’d like to act with confidence, it’s also a must for you to do the same thing. It sounds cliche, but it’s a good way to really come into your own self without creeping women out. For more relationship, dating advice and reviews, read other posts on the blog.