What You Should Do To Avoid Toxic Women

When it comes to meeting people online or offline, you would never know the kind of person you’re talking to at the beginning. Everyone, especially on online dating sites, puts their best foot forward. It’s later on that you have to worry about when they finally show off their true colors. Is there a way for a person to know at the start of a chat message or conversation? Is there a way to avoid toxic women online and in real life?

What You Should Do To Avoid Toxic Women | Anastasia Date

To Avoid Toxic Women You Have To Practice Awareness

So, how exactly can you spot toxic women to avoid? You’ll have to establish contact first. Yes, you need to talk back and forth with a lady. As you do this, it’s important that you use your powers of observation to spot the following:

1. Immature Responses

When discussing anything about the future, how does your potential date talk about everything? Does she avoid the topic? When talking about life topics, does your date change your conversation to something less serious? If yes, then this is an indication. You have to be careful so you do not waste your time with this person.

2. Smooth Talker

Yes, ladies can be smooth talkers too. You have probably encountered ladies online and offline who say all the right things. Despite this, you still have that small feeling in your gut that you can’t really decipher. Watch out for these kinds of ladies. They can be toxic because they may just be playing around with people. They may not want a serious relationship or they might just be using online dating as means for them to get an ego boost.

3. Heavy Baggage

Have you ever talked to a woman who only expresses ill feeling about her ex? These women have baggage, heavy ones that you may not want to deal with. They can be very toxic in the relationship because their trust has been broken previously.

As mentioned, you won’t be able to spot these signs if you do not chat with the women you’re interested in. Practice your awareness so you can quickly spot the signs and avoid toxic women. Once you spot all three or even just two, you’ll know that you shouldn’t waste your time anymore. For more tips about dating, read other posts on the blog.