Modern Romance Doesn’t Involve These Dating Rules Anymore

We’ve learned so many things along the way as we date different people. Probably, we’ve already proven that most of these dating lessons are effective. However, as time flies and society changes, there are lessons that we need to unlearn because they are no longer applicable in modern romance.

Modern Romance Doesn't Involve These Dating Rules Anymore | Anastasia Date

If You Want Modern Romance To Happen, You Have To Unlearn A Few Lessons

The problem with most of us is that we still apply the techniques we learned years ago. Some of them may work, like the timeless ones. However, not everything is applicable in modern romance because the scene has changed drastically especially with the advent of dating apps. Some of the lessons that we need to unlearn are:

1. Wait before you contact someone after a first date.

We are faced with so many distractions every day – from social media to our busy lives. If you wait, he or she will just get distracted by other things or other people. After a great first date, you don’t want to seem like you’ve gone cold because you did not contact your date right away.

2. Never ask serious questions early.

Serious questions are those that may be too personal. Way before, experts advised against this because you don’t want to appear too nosy. Today, however, asking serious questions are seen as a genuine effort to get to know a person and establish a deeper connection.

3. You’ll immediately have chemistry.

In most cases, the connection that you are longing for happens on the second date. If your first date wasn’t a total disaster, you might want to consider seeing the person one more time to see if the connection is really there. You can’t always expect to feel that spark at during the first meeting.

You have to unlearn all of these if you want to have a successful love life. A few years after you read this, you might need to update how you date again because the seen would have evolved again. Be more dynamic in your dating. For other tips, read other posts on the blog.