Women Find Single Dads Attractive, Here’s Why

Often times, when you become a single dad, you lose most of your interest to get back into the dating scene. Well, here’s a beacon of hope for you. One survey revealed that women are actually attracted to single dads. You may be thinking that this is too good to be true but the number doesn’t lie.

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Single Dads Are Responsible And Responsibility Is Attractive

It was found that 83% of the female participants in the survey said that they would be open to dating single dads. 83% is no joke, but why would women think that single fathers are attractive? There are a couple of reasons:

1. Single dads don’t want just a pretty face.

If a woman is attractive good. But, if a woman is attractive and is a positive role model, even better. Single dads are more discerning about the women they want to date because they have to think about the child or children, and not just themselves. They are more cautious because they don’t want to have random women going in and out of the kid(s) lives.

2. Single dads want to move at a slower pace.

Again, it is a single dad’s discernment that’s at work here. A slower pace is ideal because it’s one way of finding out if the relationship will have a future or not. Taking things slowly will allow the single father to get to know women he meets better.

3. Single dads are mature emotionally.

Believe it or not, women are into men who are in tune with their emotions and feelings. Single dads are very in tune. They have gone through a lot in their life. This emotional maturity shows off through both actions and words, and that’s what women are looking for.

If you’re a single father and you’re reading this now, maybe this is a good sign for you to consider. It’s time to get back into the dating scene once again, but only you will know if you’re ready for sure. Just remember that you don’t have to worry about your attractiveness since, based on the survey, women look for men who are exactly like you. For more updates about dating, read our blog.