Is It Ever A Good Idea To Talk About Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?

Imagine that you are on a date with a gorgeous lady. Suddenly, she asks if you’ve had a crazy ex-girlfriend. What do you answer? Each one of us has definitely had a relationship that we never want to talk about because our former partner who was downright toxic. So, what do you do? Should you brush off the question, or answer it honestly?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend | Anastasia Date

A Negative Impression Will Be Formed When You Talk About Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

No matter how tempted you are to vent out and share all the crazy experiences you’ve had with your ex, it’s best to just keep your mouth shut if you don’t want a negative impression of you to be formed. Or, you can also say, “We’ve all had relationships before that weren’t good for us. I’m sorry but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.” Yes, it seems like you are dodging the question, but this is better because your date will think that:

1. You aren’t mature at all.

Come on, talking about your crazy ex-girlfriend will definitely make you look like you have more maturing to do. Mature people do not talk about their former flames in a bad way.

2. You’re not very responsible.

If you’re badmouthing your ex-girlfriend, your date might just get the impression that you are not owning up to the mistakes you’ve done in the past. Of course, your date will know that you’ve made mistakes because nobody is perfect. It will seem like you are pinning it all on your former partner so you can make yourself look saintly.

3. You are insensitive.

In these modern times, you cannot get away with being prejudice and insensitive. What if it turns out that your former partner did have mental issues?

It doesn’t matter if you are telling the truth or not. Your date doesn’t know that you are, for one. And, if it’s your first date, and she doesn’t know you yet, she might think that you’re just washing your hands of the mesh you had in your former relationship. It’s best to skip the question and move on to conversations that are about the present. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.