Our Brain Is Responsible For Our Toxic Relationships

One bad relationship after the other – is there something wrong with us? Or are we just destined to be in bad relationships for the rest of our lives? We at,, always run into these types of questions. Everyone of us, no exception, has been trapped in, what seems to be, an endless cycle of bad partners or relationships. What gives? Our Brain Is Responsible For Our Toxic Relationships | AnastasiaDate Science Has The Answer

Surprisingly, our inability to let go of the narcissistic person we are dating or have dated is more of a response from our brains. If it’s any consolation, you need to know that it is not our fault that we like people who are bad for us. It is not because of our childhood nor of our personal preferences. It is, most likely, because of the chemical processes that happen in our brain.

What Happens Inside Our Brain

When we’re dating a person who is not good for us, this person exhibits sketchy behavior, both physically and emotionally; emotionally when this person says that he or she cares for us but doesn’t follow up the talk with the walk. Physically, when this person is really excited to go on a date with us, but would totally disappear as the new week starts.

Our brains get hooked on these highs and lows, similar to how it reacts when leisure drugs are taken. When the person we’re dating is showing us all the good in him or her, dopamine and serotonin are released in our brains. When our toxic date withdraws, our brain tells us that we need more of what makes us feel good.

When this cycle is repeated enough, it blossoms into an obsession that’s similar to an addiction.

What We Need To Do

Before you go enrolling yourself in a rehabilitation center, know that there’s a way for you to break the unhealthy cycle. The best way to do it would be to get caught up in positive activities that could trigger the release of the same hormones – exercising, learning to play an instrument, experimenting with cooking, and so on.

It’s not too late! Start out by stepping outside of your box and seeing your relationship for what it really is – unhealthy and toxic. Share this post to someone who needs it and don’t forget to check out more posts from our blog.