Ridiculous Modern Dating Rules Our Society Accepts

When you think of modern dating, you think of modern dating rules. The guidelines that we once followed religiously when we were offline dating do not apply to the way we meet people in the 21st century. Because the focus has shifted to a more virtual platform, it’s natural for the rules to shift in a similar way.

Ridiculous Modern Dating Rules Our Society Accepts | Anastasia Date

Modern Dating Rules Almost All Of Us Practice

The following modern dating rules we have on this list might sound ridiculous to you, but it’s likely that you might be guilty of one or two items:

1. Accepting A Friend Request On Facebook

Society says that sending a friend request on Facebook is acceptable but it has to be done when a minimum of eight days of communication via other means (dating site, dating app, direct messages on other platforms, and etc) has been completed.

2. Three Hour Window Between Replies

Most people who are dating online agree that when someone replies too fast, too soon, it’s a sign that this person is overly interested. This is not bad at all, but many agreed that they might be viewed as being “too easy” when they reply right away. A new rule of thumb states that you have to wait three hours before replying.

3. Number Exchange After 10 Days

Before you and whoever it is that you’re interested in exchange numbers, it’s best or ideal for you to communicate for 10 days consecutively via social media, dating sites or dating apps. Anything earlier than that is deemed too soon.

4. Google Search

Most people who are planning to meet offline usually do a Google search of the other person before the date. This isn’t a rule, per se, but, it’s more for safety and setting expectations. A lot of people find that their dates don’t actually look like their profile pictures or they fear that they may be catfished. Google is turning out to be a nifty dating tool, or, at least, an identity checker.

The data used for this list was collected through an online polling site and was commissioned by MTV. So now, how many modern dating rules do you apply with your online dates? There’s definitely some more rules that many of us follow. We might do a part 2 of this post so make sure you check on our blog every now and then. You can also check other posts we’ve made there.