This Simple Diet Makes Men More Attractive

Most of the time, men change the way they look and the way they dress to attract women. It’s also plausible to do some self-improvements like learning a new hobby or learning how to improve confidence. Now, men can actually go a little further to increase their attractiveness. A simple diet change, research says, can also help increase the odds of meeting a beautiful woman.

This Simple Diet Makes Men More Attractive | Anastasia Date

Results Of A Research Says You Need To Do A Simple Diet Change

There has been several studies linking our five senses with the way we choose a mate. The study on this post focused on the diet quality and the attractiveness of male body odor.

The research was done by the Macquarie University of Sydney, Australia. The researchers studied whether the intake of fruits and vegetables affected how the sweat of the male participants smelled. Female participants were asked to evaluate the samples in several dimensions.

The Results

With the use of a skin spectrophotometry, a method used to assess dietary carotenoid intakes, the results revealed that the samples of the males who had a higher intake of fruits and vegetables were associated with a more pleasant smell. Some of the adjectives that the female participants used were: floral, fruity and sweet. The samples of the males who had a greater intake of carbohydrates, on the other hand, were more unpleasant smelling to the female participants.

If you’re interested in reading more about the research, click here to access the summary version as well as the full text version.

What This Means For You

Just to give you an idea, the researches connected to smells and attractiveness, in theory, root from the primal selection of mates. Those who are healthiest can reproduce offspring the best. For females, one indication that tell if a male is healthy is the smell of their sweat.

What this means for you is simple. It pays to be healthy! Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Lay off the carbs too. By doing this, you’re not only doing yourself a favor through leading a healthier lifestyle, you’re doing your love life a favor as well.

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