Surprising Relationship Habits We Think Are Healthy

Let’s say that you are being interviewed about your current relationship. The interviewer asks you, do you think that the following relationship habits are healthy or unhealthy?

Surprising Relationship Habits We Think Are Healthy | Anastasia Date

  • You and your partner are constantly communicating.
  • You rely your happiness on your partner.
  • Both of you do everything together.
  • You’re always being honest to each other.
  • Both of you try your best to never hurt the other’s feelings.

Most likely, a majority of us will say that all of the items look like healthy relationship habits. Actually, all of them can do your relationship more damage than good. Surprising, isn’t it?

Common Relationship Habits That Are Downright Unhealthy

You may not understand it but here are the explanations on why the items on the list above are relationship habits you never want to adapt into your current love life:

Constant Communication

Calling each other, or talking to each other often is a good way to build your foundation as a couple. But, when the calling and talking are getting in the way of life or work, it becomes something that’s destructive rather than helpful.

Your Happiness Rests On Your Partner

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You should never rely your happiness on anyone other than yourself. If you do so on other people, you will end up disappointed and unhappier than when you started.

Doing Everything Together

Again, there’s nothing wrong with spending quality time with your significant other. The problem comes when both of you are used to spending time with each other that you have become co-dependent.

Never Hurting Other Person’s Feelings

Never is such a strong word in this case. First off, its impossible for you to not hurt the one you love. We will always have flaws as human beings, and those flaws might just be the reason why our loved ones end up sad. When you’re always trying your best to avoid hurting the other’s feelings, it’ll be like you’re always walking on egg shells.

Sometimes, you just have to give it to your partner straight up. This way, even though the truth hurts, your relationship grows and keeps moving forward. For more relevant tips to keep your relationship going, read more of our articles here.