The Relationship Question You Should Never Ask Yourself

There’s one relationship question that we should all stop asking ourselves. This question sets us up with a perspective that could potentially affect our future relationship negatively. In a general sense, many of us might think that the question is common or that it is not harmful at all, but we need to dive a little deeper as to why we should stop asking it.

The Relationship Question You Should Never Ask Yourself | Anastasia Date

What’s The One Relationship Question That Can Endanger Our Love Life?

We all need to stop asking ourselves, “What can I offer in a relationship?” If you we like someone, we often wonder what we can offer this person to be with us. The problem with this is that the question is self-defeating and here are the reasons why:

1. Promotes A Transactional Mind-Set

When you put everything that you have to offer a person on a checklist, you might expect the same thing. Even if you’re not asking now, you will eventually ask yourself what can this person offer to me, to be with me, in exchange for what I have listed down. Is this person going to give you a “fair return”? This isn’t what relationships are about.

2. You Won’t Be Able To See Your True Value

Since you’re focused on everything positive about yourself (of course because you don’t want to offer negative stuff), you are not seeing yourself as a whole. Whether you like it or not, you are valuable because of your strengths and your perceived weaknesses. This is what makes you unique.

3. You’re Not Giving The Other Person A Chance To See For Him/Herself

No one can judge the value you bring to the relationship aside from the person you’re with. Right off the bat, the right person will instantly know how valuable you are. Other people may value you more than you value yourself.

The Best Thing To Do

Instead of asking the mentioned relationship question, give people a chance to get to know you and see your worth for themselves. It’s not about making a list. You are already good enough for those who are showing interest to you. For more tips on self-improvement, read more posts on our blog.