The Art Of Declining A Date

Dating is complicated at times because you really want to go on a date with someone you like while you reject the date offers from persons you are not interested in. Yes, declining a date is part of the entire dating process, and you have to know how to do it in a way that doesn’t make the other person feel less than.

The Art Of Declining A Date | Anastasia Date

Declining A Date Becomes Easier With These Tips

No matter how awful the other person is, how you deal with them shows what kind of person you are – not the other way around. So, when declining a date, you have to do it with finesse, but what rule do we follow? It’s simple – be kind. Kindness should be the value or attitude when handling rejections in dating. How should you show kindness?

1. Mentality

Kindness, aside from being a character trait, is also a mentality. It all starts in the head. As you meditate on kindness every day, it will show in your actions—including when you decline a date. It becomes a natural thing to do. And the best thing is, you will never go wrong with it.

2. Be Truthful

There is nothing kinder than being truthful. Yes, it may hurt at first, but being honest about the situation is much better than giving false promises or just completely ignoring a person’s advances. If you really find no interest in continuing to meet up with this person or chatting with him or her online, then tell it straight. It’s better if they hear it from you personally.

3. Use Kind But Firm Words

One of the reasons that make people put up an image of rudeness, even if it’s a false façade, is because others take kindness as something that can be easily overturned or even bullied. Don’t think that way. You can still be kind but firm in delivering your message. It means that no matter what, you will not change your mind. Of course, there are really persistent suitors that are hard to reject, but continually refusing them and telling them straightforwardly that you have no intention of going out with them anymore will make them understand.

Declining a date has never been easy. But, it’s better to do it at the earliest possible time with kindness than completely ignoring a person, hoping that they get the message. For more tips about online dating, be sure to read other posts on our blog.