What Role Does Bedroom Time Play In Your Relationship

Let’s admit it – most of the time, life gets in the way. When you’re in a relationship, this can result to a lack of bedroom time. You’re tired, your partner’s tired, so what can you do? Anastasia Date might be able to convince you to get things going intimately with our list below.

AnastasiaDate: Why Couples Need To Spend More Time In The Bedroom

Science Says You Can Reap These Benefits From Bedroom Time

Aside from the fact that your bedroom time activities can bring you closer as a couple, there are actually scientific reasons behind why you should spend some intimate time together:

1. You Might Get A Raise

This is no joke. Based on a study done by the Oregon State University, those who had some action were reported to have a boosted mood the day after. This led to a higher job satisfaction percentage and better work engagement. Well, being happier with your job and working better won’t get you that raise directly, but the more bedroom action you have, the better employee you are, the happier your boss will be. That raise will definitely be on the horizon.

2. It Can Save You A Trip To The Clinic

Wikes University studied the effects of intimacy frequency and it’s effect on the immune system. The results were surprising as college students who did the act one or twice a week had higher levels of certain antibodies that help ward of colds and the flu.

3. It’s Anti-Aging

You don’t say? Oh yes we do. You may not need those expensive creams and balms anymore. Just have more time in the bedroom with your partner. A Scottish researcher and clinical neuropsychologist David Weeks, studied 3,500 European and American men and women. They were split into groups. Some groups had to roll in the hay two or three times a week. When it came time to guess the ages of the people in the groups, the judges underestimated the ages by 7 to 12 years.

Did AnastasiaDate convince you to have spend more bedroom time with your significant other? We hope so. For more interesting relationship tips, check out more posts from our blog.