Dating a Friend, Is it a Good Idea?

We have all had our fair share of romantic encounters, both offline and online, but, most likely, never once have we thought about applying the process of dating to meet new friends. Until, “friend dating”, which basically means what it suggests – dating a friend.

Dating a Friend, Is it a Good Idea? | AnastasiaDate

Dating a friend, is there such a thing?

Friend dating is a new form of meeting people for non-romantic relationships. Some call it platonic dating. Commonly, what happens is you meet people online or your friends set you up with a person of the same or opposite sex. Then, both of you go out on a “friend date”.

What’s the point of this new form of dating?

This is not to say that you’re a loner with zero friends when you go on a friend date. The whole idea is for you to make new friends or meet new people. Doing so sounds out of the box, but it can actually help your love life in more ways than one.

1 . It makes you better at connecting with people.

Let’s face it, when we’re always at work or we’re always busy with a project, our social skills don’t really develop. Friend dating can greatly help with this aspect. Once you’ve gone out on several dates with friends, you’ll be more confident when you’re on an actual date.

2 . Date a friend who knows a friend who’s looking for a date.

The people you go on friend dates with could have friends who are looking for actual dates. This shouldn’t be your main goal but if you become close enough to your friend date, and he or she brings up the topic, then why not, right?

3 . Friend dates could turn into something deeper.

Even if your main goal is to meet new friends, there’s always that slight chance of you meeting a person who you are totally in sync with. Your meeting can bloom into a potential relationship.

There’s more to dating a friend or going on friend dates than just friendship. To you, it may sound a little weird when you think about dating a person for friendship, but you’d be surprised at how many people would actually be open to the idea. For more interesting dating trends, check out the rest of our blog.