Psychological Tricks To Make Her Like You

Can you force somebody to like you? No, unless you have Jedi mind control powers. Us, mere mortals have to deal with what we’ve got and not use any magic or trickery to make someone like us. Interestingly enough, despite our lack of super powers, we can make use of psychological tricks that can better our chances of being liked by the person we are interested in.

Psychological Tricks To Make Her Like You | Anastasia Date

Easy Psychological Tricks You Can Do When Dating

Let’s clear it up first, the psychological tricks you will encounter on this list are, in no way, tricks to manipulate people. They’re merely aspects in ourselves that we need to improve. Here’s the list so you can understand better:

1. Work on living your life.

“What? Aren’t i living my life already?” Not necessarily. You could be living your life if you’re following your dreams and pursuing your interests. You can’t expect a woman to be interested in you if you lead a life that’s full of dullness.

2. Take up a hobby.

A hobby is good for your dating life because it shows the whoever is interested in you that you have your own life to live. Refer to #1 on this list. It doesn’t matter what hobby you take up, either. It could be stamp collecting or gardening, as long as you are into it.

3. Use the Benjamin Franklin effect.

Ask a favor from the woman you are interested in. After she does the favor, she’ll feel closer to you. This is called the Benjamin Franklin effect, you read more about it here. Basically, when the woman you like does a favor for you, her brain tells her that she must like you. It’s called the Benjamin Franklin effect because this is what he used on his political opponents to increase his like-ability.

The psychological tricks on this list are a walk in the park, right? You can do each one of them by yourself. Try it on the person you’re interested in and let us know how it goes. Check out more of our dating posts on our blog.