Why Having These Relationship Doubts Is Alright

In Hollywood rom-coms it is quite comical to see adorable protagonists struggling to overcome their fears and doubts as regards their relationships and their partners. In the real world, however, having relationship doubts can be a tough thing to deal with, especially when you fear it may be a red flag that the relationship’s not meant to be.

Relationship doubts can be a healthy thing.

Some Relationship Doubts Are Inevitable

In actual fact, not all relationship doubts are things you should worry about. Some of them are perfectly normal and common among all couples everywhere. The most usual among them are listed below.

#1. Does she really like me?

Even though she may be dating you and showing you she is interested in you, you may still wonder whether she is really into you as much as you are into her. This fear is perfectly normal and it is, most of the times, a sign of insecurity and less a real thing to worry about. Have a little faith in yourself and try to fight your insecurities and be more confident, as constantly doubting our partners’ feelings may tire them eventually.

#2. Is our sex life good enough?

One of the most important elements of a romantic relationship is the couple’s between-the-sheets action. Having a great mental connection and being compatible in terms of interests and likes is one thing, but having real sexual chemistry is another. That’s why partners often doubt whether their girlfriend/ boyfriend is satisfied with their performance and style, or if their encounters are as frequent as they should be. There’s only one way to know: through developing an open and honest channel of communication between you.

#3. Can I change the things I don’t like about my partner?

This is a legit question, even though most people will say they like their partner just the way she is. However, there is probably no one among us who wouldn’t want to change at least one thing about their partner. If it’s a limited number of things you’d like to change about your girl, and if it concerns non-core values or traits that they have, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Chances are, your partner is thinking the exact same thing about you.

#4. Will my partner be faithful?

The mother of all relationship doubts has to do with a partner’s faithfulness. Will they be true after some time has passed? Will they be able to resist temptation and not betray our trust? Logical as this doubt might be, in truth there are no guarantees. Even if your partner doesn’t intend to double cross you, neither you nor her can know for a fact it won’t happen. All you can do is avoid complacency, make sure you enjoy being around each other, and show your love and affection every single day.

As with all doubts, relationship doubts may be a pain, but they are also feelings that motivate us and keep us trying our best, even exciting us, about our relationships. After all, the worst thing a partner can be is totally indifferent and apathetic.