Anastasia Date: Why We SHOULD Try And Change Our Partners

One of the most common pieces of relationship advice we hear is that we should wholeheartedly accept our partners the way they are and not try to change them in any way to suit our needs or character. While there may be some wisdom to this, today Anastasia Date will go about explaining why a constant effort to improve our partners isn’t just OK; it is necessary.

Anastasia Date explains why it's important to teach our partners lessons.
Improving our partners is a privilege and a responsibility we all have.

Anastasia Date: We Should Try To Make Our Partners Better Versions Of Themselves

While in the beginning of a relationship we might not be able to discern the darker, less perfect sides of our partner, the more time we spend with them, the more we notice small, annoying things, like their lack of organizational skills; or bigger, more serious issues, such as being too ambitious (or not ambitious at all). Whatever the case, as we become more aware of our partner’s deficiencies or flaws, it is more than certain that they notice ours too.

The School of Life, a modern-day philosophical school that deals with all aspects of our lives, recently released a truly inspirational video explaining why we owe it both to ourselves and our partners to work on improving each other rather than ignore these flaws, pretending they don’t exist.

The video, titled “Why Love Involves Teaching”, urges both partners to take the role of a kind and loving teacher on a rotating basis. The person with a lesson to impart needs to overcome their fear of speaking out and their own insufficiencies and approach his/her partner in a calm and tactful manner, while the one with something to learn needs to be open-minded and not resort to the easy solution of saying the comforting, yet nonsensical line “You wouldn’t criticize me if you loved me”.

And even though at Anastasia Date we don’t believe that love means constantly picking on our partners and waiting to point the finger at every little mistake they make, it is also our duty to take the time to try and improve the weaknesses and errors in our partners that no one else gives a damn to notice or point out.

Watch the School of Life video here.