AnastasiaDate: The Most Important Dating Lessons Every Dad Should Teach His Son

One of the strongest and most meaningful relationships in life is that of a father and his son. A man sees his boy as a smaller version of himself and, even though he knows it’s impossible, he hates the thought of his child getting hurt. AnastasiaDate presents the things all dads would like to tell their sons about dating.

AnastasiaDate talks about the best love advice dads can give their sons.
His father is the best advisor a son will ever have.

AnastasiaDate: The Things Dads Want To Teach Their Sons To Make Them Better Versions Of Themselves

As we grow older, we gather some of the wisdom youth deprived us of. Some of the best advice can only come from experience, and this is why a father is the best advisor a son will ever get. Here are some of the most valuable lessons a father can teach his son for a love life without regrets.

Old-School is Timeless. Yes, there will always be trends in dating, and yes, some of your friends may laugh at your gentlemanly ways thinking you’re too old-fashioned. But even though a flashy man can impress a girl, it’s always the classy man who gets her in the end.

Trust Your Feelings. Don’t be pressured into hiding them or acting as if they are there when they’re not. Be proud of what you feel and don’t allow anyone to tell you you’re not entitled to feel one way or another. Some relationships may seem ideal on paper, but if you don’t feel it in your gut, you should just pass.

Fall In Love With All of Her, Not Just Her Looks. Beauty is transient, even the greatest-looking people get boring if that’s all they have to show. Of course, you should be attracted to the way she looks, but make sure there is more about her to love and admire than a pretty face and a hot body.

You Can’t Escape Heartbreak, Just Embrace It. Prepare yourself for the pain of failed relationships, because heartbreak is a part of life; a lesson all people must learn at some point. Accept it, learn to deal with it and make sure to come out of the experience a better, wiser person than before.

Be Generous But Don’t Be a Victim. Giving generously to a partner is a virtue, but you should be able to discern the women who deserve your time and effort from the ones who are trying to abuse your generosity. If you suspect that she is trying to take advantage of you, leave and never look back – you deserve better.

Don’t Be Afraid to Punch Above Your Weight. Go for her, even when you think she’s out of your league. Be daring, confident and open to new experiences, even if it means risking getting hurt. We only have one life – create memories and make yours worth it.

Here at AnastasiaDate we love the bond between fathers and sons and hope for every new generation to be better than the previous one. This is the way for relationships to keep getting better and for our world to move forward.