What You’ll Learn From Dating A Type-A Person

Have you ever dated a type-A person? Type-As are usually overachievers, competitive, driven, and they hate to waste time. If you found any of the traits to be familiar, it’s likely that you have come across or dated a person with these characteristics.

What You'll Learn from Dating a type-a person | AnastasiaDate

Lessons For The Type-A Person You Are Or Are Going to Date

Dating a type-A person sounds tiring, especially if you are polar opposites, but don’t shut your doors to type-A people just yet. Although they can, sometimes, be hard to handle, there are also advantages to dating people who appear strict and extremely organized:

Lesson #1: Become a better you.

Do you know the song “Upgrade” by Beyonce? Well, that’s exactly what a type-A person is going to do for you. For example, in the past, if you have settled for t-shirts and sweats when going out, a type-A person will encourage you to put some swag into your outfits. It’s not just the clothes too, but, your demeanor as well.

Lesson #2: Be on time.

If you have never once been on time for anything, this is going to change when you date a type-A person. This personality type dislikes his or her time being wasted.

Lesson #3: Organize, organize, organize.

When you’ve been dating a person for some time, you may find it unnecessary to clean your house up when your date comes over. With type-As, the added bonus is that they may feel compelled to clean and organize everything when they come over. If you allow your type-A date to clean and organize for you, they’ll be happy. It’s a win-win as you don’t have to lift a finger. Just make sure that everything is still pristine when your date comes over again.

Lesson #4: Planning ahead is always ideal.

Type-A people love to plan everything. If you have an upcoming trip or if a long weekend is up ahead, you can be sure that your type-A date already has something in mind. He or she will show you the many advantages of planning ahead and following a set schedule.

If you give a type-A person a chance, you might be surprised at how well he or she might compliment your own personality trait. Be open to dating different people and don’t just settle for dating someone who is exactly like you. Check out the rest of our blog for more informative posts about love and relationships.