The Types Of Relationship Everyone Should Experience Before Saying “I Do”

Notwithstanding the massive changes made to our modern societies, the institution of marriage remains a serious commitment and one that is not to be taken lightly. What you are doing when you say your “I dos” is promising to stand by this one person no matter what and to be the one who’ll satisfy all their needs. Are you ready to make the first step? Probably not if you haven’t been in the following types of relationship first.

These types of relationship are essential experiences.
Have you been in these types of relationship before your ‘I dos’?

These Types Of Relationship Are The Dragons You Need To Encounter Before You Settle Down With Your Princess

Marriage may be a wonderful thing, and married life opens up the gates to making a happy family, but before you get to your princess, there are some essential things to do in order to grow and to have no regrets later.

#1 The Friends With Benefits Set-up

Notice how we’re not calling friends with benefits a relationship exactly, as it is not supposed to involve emotional attachment. You have a friend you like to hang out with, and one day something happens and you end up naked on her couch in positions Ellen DeGeneres never thought her viewers would be watching her show in. You may end up being mates again, or she may end up falling for you – either way, you need to give it a shot.

#2. The Older Lover

If you’ve only ever been with people your age, you probably don’t know the feeling of being taught a thing or two from an older lover. Older partners tend to be more liberated, determined, and experienced, and dating an older woman can be an eye-opening experience; improving your knowledge on a number of things, not least of which being sex.

#3. The Summer Fling

Even if you live in the coldest place on Earth, your summers should consist of sea, sun, and a super sexy fling you’ll never forget. Even though they hardly ever make it to September, summer flings are an absolute must for every self-respecting guy.

#4. The Long-Distance Relationship

Whether for work commitments or because you’re trying to make your summer fling last (kudos for combining two types of relationships in one), the LDR is a kind of relationship you need to have experienced before you get married. Find out if absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, test your trust and faithfulness limits and spend hours planning your next visit.

#5.The One Night Stand

The music was too loud, her stare was too strong, the alcohol was too much and the way home was way too short – or at least so it seemed.  Even if you hardly recognized the pretty lady sleeping next to you the next morning, sometimes following your instinct makes perfect sense.

#6. A Relationship With Someone From A Dating App

A relationship with someone you meet through a dating app can be one of the strongest types of relationships. You’ve done your research and noticed how much you match, you exchange photos and start chatting for hours. Then you arrange a meeting, worried that sweet and beautiful Anna, may actually be psycho ugly Betty.  But when she finally arrives she’s even more gorgeous IRL. You go to her place, one thing leads to another. Then you never meet again, or you end up marrying her. Who knows?

Life is all about having the right regrets. If you never try, you will never know what works and what doesn’t work for you. Trying out these types of relationship will only ever make you surer of the person you end up marrying and how ready you are to make this kind of commitment to her.