Five Love Languages We Need To Be Familiar With

Many of us aren’t really familiar with love languages. We just know that love is an emotion that we feel, and we act on what we feel towards the person we care for. However, experts actually say that understanding the five languages of love can help us become better partners.

Five Love Languages We Need To Be Familiar With | Anastasia Date

Five Love Languages We Need To Understand By Heart

If you’re totally unfamiliar with what a love language is, think of it as a way that you communicate your affection towards somebody. It’s not a language itself but it’s possible that it could be. It could also be actions, translating the love we feel through our ways. The following languages will make you understand better:

Spoken/Words Of Affirmation

The first love language happens to be through words. You’ll know that you speak this language when you are good at communicating with your partner. You also praise your partner, giving him or her compliments all the time. You also say “I love you” often.


The second language is service. This means that you do instead of say. You’ll know that this is your language when you’re not really good at expressing yourself but you do know how to show your feelings through your actions.


This third language is all about giving and receiving gifts. It’s not materialism because it is more complicated than that. You know that you speak this love language when you think about thoughtful gifts that your partner will like. Similarly, you expect your partner to put as much thought into your gift too.

Quality Time

It’s great when you have a partner who gives you their undivided attention. This is what the quality time language is all about. If you like to listen, allow your partner to vent, or do activities that strengthen your bond, then this is the language you’re familiar with.

Physical Touch

Lastly, we have physical touch. This is your language if you prioritize physical intimacy and you feel better when your partner is holding your hand, giving you a hug, or putting his or her arm around you.

We all need to understand these love languages because we need to find a partner with the same language. If we’re already in a relationship, we can make things better by knowing what our partner’s language is and fulfilling the needs they have under the language whether it be touch, time, words, effort or money. For more reviews and updates, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.