The Pre-Marriage Discussion You Need To Have To Avoid Divorce

Marriage is one of the most life-changing events that can happen in our lives. It’s an institution that many of us look forward to experiencing. But, while we are giddy and jumping to dive right into planning our wedding as soon as we get engage, we fail to see that divorce could be a life changing event that could happen to us as well. Pre-maritally, is there something you can to do avoid divorce?

The Pre-Marriage Discussion You Need To Have To Avoid Divorce | AnastasiaDate

The Pre-Marital Talks That Can Avoid Divorce

Yes, there is something you can do to avoid divorce, or at least minimize the chance of it. You and your partner need to discuss certain topics that could make or break your relationship. Discussing certain topics may not be that big of a deal, but these topics can weigh heavily on any relationship when left unexplored:

1. Money

There are different questions that you need to ask with regards to your finances. Should you keep your accounts separate? Should one person in the relationship work while the other stays at home? Should one person do more of the financial decisions?

2. Space

Couples don’t really talk about personal space before getting married. Many assume that when you get married, you don’t have to have your personal space anymore. Wrong. Time for yourselves is vital for you to preserve both of your identities, and that’s why talking about personal space is essential. The topics you could discuss could include time with friends, time with family, solo vacations and the like.

3. Children

If a couple is not on the same page with this topic, it’s likely that divorce will be imminent. You need to talk about whether having children is in your future plans. If the answer is yes, talk about when it is the best time to have kids.

4. How To Raise Kids

It’s not just about deciding whether to have children or not. As a couple, you must also decide on how to raise the children you’re going to have. Both of you in the relationship need to be on the same page with regards to your parenting styles and practices to avoid future friction.

5. No Cheating

Isn’t monogamy a sine qua non in a relationship? Yes, but to avoid divorce, you must discuss it anyway. Think of talking about this topic as a reminder to both of you. You’re going to say it in your vows, but it’s more important for you to say it to each other in an intimate setting.

There’s a lot to talk about before you get married, isn’t there? Nonetheless, if we want to avoid divorce, or at least lessen the chance of it, we need to go through each topic, one by one. For more helpful posts about relationships, check out our blog here.