AnastasiaDate: The Non-Verbal Ways To Let Her Know How You Feel

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have really strong emotions but you are too shy to tell your girl how you feel or believe that you have said “I love you” so many times that it might have lost some of its power? AnastasiaDate is here to show you the ways to make her see your feelings without even saying those three magic words.

AnastasiaDate shows you the ways to demonstrate your love
Is it time to show her how you feel, instead of saying it?

AnastasiaDate Believes Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Without a doubt, words are beautiful; but actions are even better. This is how you can demonstrate your love for her in ways that are indisputable and far more efficient than mere words can ever be.

Stay Away From Your Phone When You’re Together

When it comes to showing your lady how you feel, phubbing is strictly forbidden. Make sure to always have your mobile in your pocket or in another room – but definitely not in your hands when you are spending quality time with her. There is no better way to show her she has your complete and undivided attention.

Express Your Admiration

Sometimes we think our partner knows exactly what we’re thinking, when in fact they may have no clue. So, another way to say “I love you” is by expressing your feelings of admiration for her. If she’s made a great meal, let her know what you think. If she has achieved something at work, tell her how you admire her dedication and cleverness. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or big achievement, the knowledge you admire her is what matters. Admiration is proof you’re in love, after all.

Support Her Dreams And Goals

We’re not talking just words. You need to actively encourage her to realize her dreams and reach her goals by doing all that you can to assist her efforts. If she is studying for her Master’s degree, for example, you should give her the space and quietness she needs. If she is preparing a project at work, you should assist her any way you can. If it’s a personal goal, like losing weight, you should also be supportive and actively do all that you can to make her achieve it. Never, ever tell her there is something she can’t do – you need to first and foremost believe in each other and be the wind beneath each other’s wings.

Be Affectionate

Hold her hand as you walk down the street, put your arms around her when you watch a film, kiss her in every opportunity,  be tactile with her – not just in a way that is sexual, but in a way that is sweet and affectionate too. Show her you desire her, but also act as a protector, a gentleman, and a true partner.

Be There

Though it may sound simple, it is anything but. Being there in her time of need is the biggest and strongest proof of your love. Those we love are those we need the most when our life is less pleasant. When you lost a family member, when we are experiencing work-related of health problems, when we feel like the world is not such a beautiful place, this is when a person who really loves us needs to step up and prove they’re not just here for the good times, but also for the dark times in our lives. Show her how she can always count on your love to support and help her stand on her feet again.

Even though here at AnastasiaDate we think that there’s nothing more beautiful to say than “I love you”, sometimes it’s not enough. Being able to actively demonstrate how you feel for her and making sure she knows it even without it being said, is even better.