The Pros And Cons Of Long-Gaming Someone

The dating scene is as complicated as it is, right now, with new terms being coined to cover a myriad of setups and bad dating situations. Unfortunately, the trends don’t seem to be slowing down with yet another coined term that has recently surfaced. Long-gaming is what its called.

The Pros And Cons Of Long-Gaming Someone | Anastasia Date

What Is Long-Gaming? And, Should I Be Doing It In My Dating Life?

Long-gaming is looking at somebody for the long haul. Imagine this: you are interested and attracted to a person, probably as early as high school. But, you know that it’s not yet the right time. You keep this person at arm’s length, you may probably flirt with him or her from time to time, but you never take it to the next level. When you feel like it is the right time, then you make your move. The right time, however, can come in a year or even in ten years.

To most, there seems to be nothing wrong with this set-up, but the other person (the person being led on) may have other thoughts on this. To dive into whether long-gaming is good or not, it would be best to explore the pros and cons:

PROS of Long-Gaming

  • Perfect timing. With long-gaming, you get to wait for the perfect timing, when all the stars in the universe have conspired to bring you together. You may both be mature, working in the same locality, and many other factors that make the time right.
  • Both are ready for a serious relationship. By this time, you and the person you’re eyeing may already be inclined to meet go into relationships with marriage as the end goal.

CONS of Long-Gaming

  • The other person might be dating someone else already. If you are genuinely caring for another person and you see him or her dating others, you can get hurt. You might have waited too long to ask this person out that he or she has already found someone interesting to be with.
  • You’re waiting may be in vain. The saddest part is that if you finally ask the person you’re interested in out and then he or she rejects you. You have wasted so many years from long-gaming this person. This is something that you could have avoided if you were upfront with him or her in the first place.

As with everything, you have to weigh the consequences of this set-up called long-gaming. Think about the near future. Things may be beneficial to you now but think about what would happen if you just keep flirting and not advancing your connection. For more posts on dating, read the rest of our blog.