Her Response To These Flirty Lines Will Tell You If She’s Interested

You never really know if a girl you’re talking to online or texting is interested in you unless she says so herself. This is one of the main challenges for the guys who are actively dating. One can read the non-verbal cues but, most of the time, guys still wonder if they are reading the cues right. So, what do you do? We have a solution. You can try these flirty lines. Her responses should confirm everything.

Her Response To These Flirty Lines Will Tell You If She's Interested | Anastasia Date

Try These Flirty Lines Out To Know Whether She’s Interested Or Not

The key is for you to listen to her responses after you deliver your flirty lines. Your means of delivery can be through text or through chat. Try these lines out:

#1 Did you get dressed up just for me or do you always look this good?

This is a flirty line and a compliment wrapped in one. What you’re trying to say is that she probably got all dressed up to impress you. This is where the flirtatiousness comes from. Of course, you want to hear that she wanted to impress you with her ensemble.

#2 Do you have other plans for the weekend or are you just busy warding off suitors?

You’re saying that she’s so beautiful that she has plenty of suitors. The response that you want is for her to say that she might just be spending time with you.

#3 I can’t decide which one is more fun. Chatting with you or going on a date with you.

Do you see the genius in this line? You can absolutely use this when you want to ask a girl you’ve met online on a date. Hopefully, she’ll say that it’s more fun to hang out in real life.

#4 You like to eat tacos. I like to eat tacos. We should eat together.

If you have a sense of humor, then you have what to deliver this line perfectly. It’s like asking someone out but in an indirect way.

#5 How can I escape your friend zone?

This line should come in handy when you feel like you have been placed in the friend zone. Use this line carefully, though. Make sure that your timing is right.

Try any of these five lines out and let us know which one worked for you. We have more articles containing tips on dating and relationships on our blog.