Here’s Why Dating A Foreigner Is Good For You

When it comes to dating people from other countries, many believe that it has fewer merits. You won’t see the person because he or she is miles away. You’ll also be communicating through chat and video call which are no substitutes for physical presence. Yes, these may be true to some extent, but dating a foreigner even online has its upsides too.

Dating A Foreigner Is Good For Your Creativity | Anastasia Date

Why Your Creativity Heightens As You Date A Foreigner

Social psychologist and Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky suggests that there’s a connection between immersion in foreign culture and creativity. For his first research, he asked MBA students about their experiences living and traveling abroad. Then, he continued to ask them a creative question. Those who lived abroad for a long period of time were more likely to solve the creative problem. Traveling had no effect, unfortunately.

His second study involved taking a look at major fashion houses around the world. It was found that when the director has lived or worked abroad, they exhibited more creativity in their collections. Their creative thinking was linked to the depth of their experience outside of their own country.

His third study delved int he area of dating. He, as well as five other researchers, tracked 115 students who were enrolled in an international MBA program for ten months. The students were asked if they had the chance to date a foreigner during their stay; 22% said yes. These students exhibited better creative performance at the end of the MBA program.

A Definite Link Was Established

No matter how many tests were done, it still pointed to the same conclusion. There is a definitive link between creativity and a prolonged immersion in another culture. So, how do you take advantage of this finding?

The answer is simple. Be open to dating a foreigner and learning about different aspects of his or her culture. It’s all about broadening your horizon and opening your mind to new things.

There’s so much that the world can offer that we haven’t even experienced yet. If we see these offerings through the eyes of a person we’re interested in, we might just become better versions of ourselves. For more interesting facts and reviews about dating online, read other posts on the blog.