The New Thing In Dating Is Called Sneating, And You Should Avoid It At All Costs

It seems like we’re going to have our fair share of negative dating trends this 2018. From the start of the year until today, we’ve already had some trends reach the dating scene. Today we can add a plus one to that as we discuss the latest dating trend to hit the online world, called “sneating”.

Sneating | Anastasia Date

What Is Sneating

What exactly is “sneating”? As with most dating trends, it’s a term composed of two combined words – sneaky and cheating. You might think that “sneating” happens when someone is cheating in a relationship, but nope. It happens during the early stages of dating when a potential couple is merely getting to know each other.

Here’s a scenario that best represents this dating trend: you meet someone online and you chat for a few days. After that you both agree to meet. When the big day comes, you are caught off guard because your date arrived at your meeting place with a work out clothes on. Not a big deal, right? You go on with the date, still.

When it’s time to order your food, your date orders the most expensive items on the menu.  Then, there’s little to no conversation during your date. Your date doesn’t seem to be too interested in you.

Prevent This From Happening

In case you did not get it yet, sneating happens when your date goes out with you just to get a free meal. It’s so sneaky but it’s happening more often than you think. This is sneating – sneakily cheating one’s way into a free meal. The best way to prevent it from happening is simple. Spend more time talking to potential dates you meet online. Don’t just jump into asking him or her out on a date (and yes, girls can ask boys out).

The ones who are truly interested in you will say yes to a date even after you’ve spent a month talking online. Take your time and take it slow to see who is really serious about meeting you. For more tips about dating online and offline, read more posts on our blog.