Differences Between UK Dating & US Dating

Dating someone from the UK is totally different from dating someone from the US. Although the countries do have some similarities, the dynamics of dating is not one of them. Couples in America came together through a specific style of US dating which involves a lot of dating rules while the Brits, on the other hand, have a more casual and laid-back approach to meeting people.

Differences Between UK Dating & US Dating | Anastasia Date

UK Dating VS US Dating

So what exactly are the differences? We’ve compiled a short list below which could prepare you for a date with a woman from the UK (or if you’re from the UK, a woman from the US):


Most dating blogs in the US would suggest that drinking during the date is not ideal. Alcohol tends to cloud your logic and thinking if you have had too much. Maybe a glass of wine will do, but one shouldn’t drink too much. It’s different when you are in the UK since drinking, during a date, is a prerequisite.

Digital Communication

In the US, it’s common for a man and a woman to chat or talk to each other via the phone before actually meeting in person. It’s very different in the UK because the Brits usually want to meet in person right away.


This is one major difference in UK and US dating that everyone should take note of. In the UK, exclusivity is assumed when you date someone. In the US, exclusivity comes when the couple becomes official (comes out to the public).

Date Time

Recently, in the US, lunch dates or afternoon dates are becoming more and more common. In the UK, is it unheard of. People still stick to the good, old-fashioned, dinner date.


Have you noticed how US women are when on a date? They are usually demure and they try to be their best. UK women, on the other hand, can also be demure and composed but they are less self-conscious. They don’t worry about the small stuff like dropping a fork on the floor, or food getting stuck in between their teeth. The UK men are also the same way, but the difference is that the males tend to be more reserved.

Whichever dating scene, dynamic, or culture you prefer, it’s always good to know about these things to get yourself ready. We have more posts similar to this one on our blog.