2017 Dating Statistics Single People Must Know

How has dating been for you this 2017? From the start of the year up until today, we’ve gathered and written about so many studies and statistics about dating to help you in your own pursuit of love. Since there are only a few days left before the end of the year, we thought we’d sum it all up for you with a list of dating statistics.

2017 Dating Statistics Single People Must Know | Anastasia Date

A Summary Of The Dating Statistics For 2017

We have learned a lot from dating, both online and offline, this year. Below are just some of the numbers that show the most popular or top surveys we’ve written about:

1. Shared interests and intimacy are important.

According to one study about marriage, 64% of couples think that having similar and shared interests is important to maintain the bond of the couple. 61% of the same participants say that physical intimacy and spicing it up in the bedroom is important as well.

2. Men care about paying the bill.

You think women are more inclined to pay the bill now that it is 2017? Nope, according to this recent survey. In their results, 86% of men preferred that they took care of the bill. Only 56% of the women said that they wanted to pick up the check.

3. More people are choosing to be single, indefinitely.

More people are choosing to remain single until further notice. This is especially true in the generation of today (millennials) because they want to be certain of the choices that they are making.

4. Honesty is the best policy.

After a data sweep of over 3,000,000 profiles, a website found that a majority of these online daters had the word “honest” in their dating profile. In fact, this is the top trait that many in the online dating world look for in a partner.

5. Online dating is breaking down barriers.

It’s great to know that the number of interracial marriages has increased right about the same time as online dating has taken flight in popularity. A recent study identified this connection, attributing the breaking of racial walls to dating on the internet.

From the looks of it, the dating statistics and studies that were published this year are mostly good signs for the coming year. They could indicate that better things are to come in the next few years. If you’ve decided to stay single, that’s alright, but with these dating statistics and numbers, you may want to give it one more try. For more updates, check out more from our blog.